In addition to construction cost savings, the GreenSpace Holdings patents-pending designs save on construction schedule as well.  Barring extended inclement weather, our facilities can be built in about 6 months.

Our 2+ years spent in research and development, along with our continual on-going efforts, have led to inventing with the best way to utilize shipping containers in modular construction.  This has resulted in designs which drastically shorten the construction period (from first shovel in the ground to Certificate of Occupancy).  We can install all of the required foundations and stack the shipping containers in about 3 months.  From that point, we are able to install the roof, get our trades inside the facility to work on HVAC, security, MEP, install roll-up doors, install the elevators/stairs, perimeter gate/fencing, install exterior cladding, office build-out, etc.

What this means to one of our Licensed Facilities is that their owners pay much less in construction interest and also generate revenue 4-8 months sooner than typical construction.

​Spend less money and generate money faster.  It's the GreenSpace Holdings way!