​​GreenSpace Holdings, LLC is the exclusive licensor of intellectual property and know-how related to the use of modular load-bearing containers in a multi-story self-storage facility.

GreenSpace Holdings' owners have filed multiple domestic and international patent applications relating to their specific designs along with multitude of additional claims and patent applications related to ancillary discoveries during the research and development phase of the business.

What this means to the owners of our Licensed Facilities is that they are the beneficiary of continued improvements relating to cost and schedule.  

United States patent protection is for 20 years from the initial filing of each of our different patent applications, so we expect to be in the self-storage industry for many years to come.

To learn about the additional benefits of owning a Licensed Facility, please visit our Licensing  page on our website.  We encourage all self-storage developers and self-storage builders who are interested in this building approach to visit our Contact Us page as well.



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