GSH                    Typical

                                                             Design               Construction

Construction Schedule                      6 -8 months         10 - 14 months

Construction Cost per gross sf              $55.00​                   $75.18

Soft Costs per gross sf                            ​$4.25                     $8.82

Total Proj. Cost (exclude land)             $68.00                 $105.38

Because our patents-pending designs significantly reduce construction costs and save construction schedule, they provide facility owners with a variety of additional financial benefits, such as:

  • Less construction interest to incur
  • Smaller principal & interest payments from permanent finance
  • Lower soft costs, as the containers have already been engineered
  • Lower working capital reserves required 
  • ​Lower facility break-even occupancy

The reduced financial requirements above will make our Licensed Facilities much more financially stable than typically built facilities.  And if that weren't enough.....our facilities have a few more financial benefits that we will save for those interested in licensing our designs for their use!

The table on the right summarized the actual costs associated with our first two facilities along with costs provided to us by a national self-storage REIT.  The financial benefits of our designs are borderline staggering!