GreenSpace Holdings offers self-storage builders and developers an opportunity to construct facilities using our patents-pending designs and know-how.  With our first two "proof of concept" facilities near completion, we now offer builders and developers proven product.

GreenSpace Holdings can provide you with a permanent and transferable

Site License for your facility, and related services of:

  • Evaluating your property
  • Providing you with a Stacking Plan based on your desired NRSF
  • Introducing you to a GreenSpace Holdings licensed Construction Contractor
  • Geographic exclusivity so that no other GreenSpace Holdings Licensed self-storage facility can be built in your area 
  • ‚ÄčConsultation during design and construction

Our License Fee is commensurate with the size of your facility, so that no matter your facility's size, we can offer you significant cost and schedule savings, similar to those summarized in our Construction Cost Savings and Project Schedule Savings section of this website.