We offer investors several ways to invest in our Licensed Facilities.  

For Accredited Investors:

The quickest way to invest in one of our facilities is to do so using our relationship with Fairway America.  Fairway America offers accredited investors the opportunity to invest with entrepreneurs like us in small balanced real estate syndications and is the only such company with a relationship with GreenSpace Holdings.  Contact Darris Cassidy at Fairway America for more information as to how you can invest in GreenSpace Holdings.

For High-Net Worth Individual:

Like any entrepreneur, we are always looking for high-net worth individuals, families, family trusts, etc. to participate in small participation syndications.  Please contact GreenSpace Holdings owner David Ledoux if you have an interest in participating in one of these syndications.

Pooled-Investment Fund:

Keep an eye out for our own fund sponsored by Fairway America.  In the coming months investors will have an option to invest in a pooled real estate fund in which 100% of the real estate assets are GreenSpace Holdings Licensed Facilities.  Like other pooled investments, your investment will be in multiple facilities, instead of just a single facility, as is the case with a syndication.