GreenSpace Holdings' patents-pending designs have many benefits.  One of which is our construction cost savings.  The use of modular construction techniques is not new, per se.  Even in the self-storage industry, there are some examples of using modular construction.  For that matter, there are examples of shipping containers used in self-storage, but not in the unique, detailed, and cost-advantageous manners we are using them.

A part of what is truly unique about the GreenSpace Holdings patents-pending designs is that we generate significant savings by not just using modular construction, but also by using ISO shipping containers as the modular component.  And if you want to see part of a shipping container in one of our finished'll have to rent a unit, because the only way you can actually see any part of a shipping container is by opening one of our unit's roll-up doors.  That's right, from inside the building - hallways and offices, you cannot see any part of one of the hundreds of shipping containers we used to build the facility.  Our facilities are AESTHETICALLY INDISTINGUISHABLE from any other multi-story, climate-controlled institutional-grade self-storage facility.

You might think that stacking shipping containers to build a facility is fairly simple. Well, it might seem that way, but in reality it is very complex.  We have taken the better part of two years and dedicated that time to finding the best way to utilize shipping containers in a multi-story self-storage facility.

We pour only 20% of the structural concrete that would be used in a typical 3-story self-storage facility.  In addition, imagine not having to purchase the vast majority of all of the structural steel that is typically used in self-storage facility construction, because you won't see that in any GreenSpace Holdings patents-pending designs.  Just the cost savings in concrete and structural steel amount to a construction cost savings of more than $20 per GROSS square foot.

Our first 2 three-story facilities will be built for less than $52/sf and that includes (along with the building proper) site work, earth work, low impact storm water detention (LID), exterior fencing, concrete fire lane around the entire facility, landscaping, parking, etc.  Everything from engineering & architectural drawings to Certificate of Occupancy.